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On 113 college campuses, FOCUS reaches out to students through Bible studies, retreats, conferences, and one-on-on mentorship…

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Students in the Greek System across the nation are arguably some of the most influential leaders on college campuses across the United States of America. Over 85% of the students in campus leadership on 730 campuses are members of Greek-letter organizations. Greeks on college campuses today have potential to be the most influential leaders not only on their campuses but of the next generation of our world. FOCUS has recognized this potential and thus FOCUS Greek has risen to bring the light of the Gospel to this subculture on campuses across the FOCUS movement.

Greek students are often the hardest to win over to Christ due to the unique struggles and challenges they face daily from their own brothers and sisters. Oftentimes the culture in fraternities and sororities is the opposite of a life centered on Jesus Christ, making it very difficult to come to know Christ or continue living their faith during their college years. They are in need of specific investment that goes beyond the needs of average college students due to magnified negative pressures that lurk in their daily lives.

FOCUS Greek exists to revolutionize Greek culture for Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church that impacts today, tomorrow, and eternity through raising up a transformed generation of fraternity and sorority leaders convicted to bring truth to the world.

How do we accomplish this?

  • Pursue authentic and Christ-centered friendships with students in the Greek System
  • Proclaim truth about Christ and His Church and boldly inviting students to walk in light of the Gospel
  • Provide students with  the training, resources, and opportunities necessary to leave an eternal legacy for Jesus Christ in their fraternity or sorority