On Pope Benedict's Resignation and the Election of a New Pope

Dear Friends,

Like many of you, I was shocked to hear of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation. We were blessed to watch him lead the Church under Christ’s direction for almost 8 years. If there was one man on earth who could best follow Blessed John Paul II, it was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, his closest collaborator. Pope Benedict XVI continued the tremendous renewal that is occurring in our Church and crystalized the Church’s mission around the New Evangelization.

I was blessed to be with Pope Benedict in Rome just four short months ago during the Synod on the New Evangelization. Pope Benedict spent almost every day with the Synod for three and a half weeks. He was very engaged and active in the proceedings and showed no signs of fatigue.

We live in an amazing time in the history of the Church. This act by Pope Benedict, confirmed in prayer, is a sign that our Church is not called to hunker down, but to be a dynamic and life giving force in living and proclaiming the timeless gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

Please join me online in praying in gratitude for Pope Benedict and for the next successor of St. Peter (below). May we fast and pray during this special Lenten season for the future of our Church.

Go Set the World on Fire,

Curtis Martin

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