Whether it is books, talks, or retreats, we all need ways to keep our faith alive.  Check out how FOCUS resources can help you…

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Free Resources

Below are some free resources we are offering to assist you on your Faith Journey.  Click the buttons below to receive these resources:


Jeff Cavins, Catholic Speaker and Author, tells his story and challenges us to be “Disciples with Purpose: Following The Model Teacher.”

Mike Sweeney, former Captain of the Kansas City Royals, shares his testimony and inspires us to discover “Are You What You Should Be?”


Bringing Loved Ones Home: Practical Steps in Helping Them Rediscover the Faith

Watching a loved one leave or fall away from the Catholic faith is an emotional and helpless experience.  It can trigger feelings of guilt, responsibility, and inner pain that cause us to struggle in our own relationship with God.  But we don’t just have to suffer; we can be involved in helping bring our loved ones home.  In this booklet, Curtis Martin and Kevin Cotter give firsthand testimony and practical application of how prayerful and active cooperation with God can help our loved ones rediscover the faith.

Passing It On: Raising Children to Thrive in the Faith 

As Catholic fathers and mothers, one of the most important adventures in life is passing on the faith to our children.  In today’s world, this labor of love has never been more challenging.  Fortunately, we are not alone.  In this booklet, Curtis Martin and Kevin Cotter help equip you to share the fullness of the Christian faith with your family. Parenting is a journey; by applying the practical wisdom shared in this booklet, not only will you be able to better guide your children’s faith, but your own faith will come alive as well.