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FOCUS loves to share the good news.  We also love to share the good news that others share! The Church is full of compelling videos, relevant blog posts and other tidbits, so we have created this space to pin them to.  Here you’ll find interesting reads and informative websites to fuel your curiosity and make you a well-rounded Catholic.

Holy Apostles

The Holy Winding Sheet

Being called one of the best documentaries ever on the Shroud of Turin, this fascinating program is produced through the eyes of a student conducting his own research on this ancient linen cloth purported to be the burial cloth of Jesus.  The program traces the journey of the Shroud from Jerusalem to Turin, explores the controversial 1988 carbon dating test, and shows how the image of the crucified man could not have been faked.  It is a uniquely creative approach to a mystery 2,000 years in the making.  Visit the website below to learn more about the mission of educating people on the Shroud of Turin, to order the DVD and see special offers for schools and churches!