Carol AuClair


Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, Carol AuClair graduated from the University of Arizona and got married on the same day. Her first career was teaching high school in San Jose, California, and later in Washington state.

Her son and daughter were born in Everett, Washington, and she devoted their formative years to being a full-time mom. During that time, she pursued her passions of writing and painting.

In 1985, Carol and her husband started their company, Sherikon Inc., in a spare bedroom of their home. This professional services firm grew to 800 employees in its 15-year lifetime. During that period, Carol created the Human Resources department and did much of the graphic art for the company. Unfortunately, after 28 years of marriage, her husband was killed in a plane crash in early 1999, and Carol stepped in to run the company until it was sold in late 2000.

Since that time, Carol remarried and she and her husband divide their time between Rancho Mirage, California, Sandpoint, Idaho, and Tucson, Arizona. She fulfilled a lifelong dream when her first novel, "A Bridge to Justice," was published in 2013.