Michaelann Martin

Co-Founder and President, Made for More, Inc.

Michaelann is married to Curtis Martin, and they have been working with college students and young people for over twenty years. They are recognized speakers in many areas of living the Catholic faith in family life and in the world.

Michaelann studied psychology and business, attaining a Bachelor of Arts in 1988 and continued her education by receiving a Master of Education in 1989 from Pepperdine University. Since then, Michaelann has been occupied with the education of her nine children and involved in working with young girls, teens, college women and married women. When she is not schooling her children, she enjoys working with the missionaries and wives involved with FOCUS.

After much prayer, Curtis and Michaelann formed Made for More Inc. in 2010 for the sole purpose of sharing God’s vision for greatness with young people. Curtis and Michaelann have tried to keep their faith and family as top priorities and in so doing have written a few studies for personal or group reflection and discussion, including “Family Matters,” “Boys to Men,” “Made for More,” “Woman of Grace,” and “Girls Night Out: Having fun with Your Daughter while Raising a Woman of God.”

Curtis and Michaelann live in Westminster, Colorado, with their nine children.