Chase Elander

Howdy! My name is Chase and I am a beloved son of God. I'm a FOCUS missionary too, and I am honored to share part of my story with you.

                       "It is Jesus in fact that you seek when you dream of happiness...."                        -St. John Paul II

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Where I serve

       (Chase Elander, Mary Fraser, Aubie the Tiger, Emily Sanchez, Jon Brakenhoff)

God has called me to serve college students at Auburn University in Auburn, AL with the wonderful team pictured above!

"... he is waiting for you when nothing else you find satisfies you; he is the beauty to which you are so attracted; it is he who provokes you with that thirst for fullness that will not let you settle for compromise..." 

My Story

I was profoundly impacted by Jesus in college. Living from our identity, as the beloved of God, is the true answer to the pull felt in all human hearts. Family has always been the most important thing in my life. What our earthly families first modeled, is perfected in the communion and personal relationship we are called to with the Holy Trinity- with God the Father, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ.

By serving Jesus, I know I am always with family- with God the Father, with my brothers and sisters in Christ, wherever I am. I have encountered the scandalous love of God, where I am known, chosen, accepted, never alone- in short, I am home in the love of Jesus. 

"... it is he who urges you to shed the masks of a false life; it is he who reads in your              hearts your most genuine choices, the choices that others try to stifle... " 

Jesus challenges me everyday to lay down my plans, my very life, for him and those around me. He asks me to surrender in trust, to leave behind all the weight and frustration that arises when God doesn't seem to want to follow MY plan for life. 

  "... It is Jesus who stirs in you the desire to do something great with your lives... the refusal to allow yourselves to be grounded down by mediocrity... "

He began all of this by asking me a simple question over and over again, with small variations. 

"Do you trust me? Do you trust my plan? Do you see how much I desire good for you?"

I never would have learned this lesson of surrender, to trust the Lord in all things, If I hadn't encountered FOCUS at Texas A&M University. I never would have thought that I would go on from attending a bible study, to leading a study, to inviting others into relationship with Jesus. FOCUS helped me invest in my closest friends and begin new friendships that seek to relentlessly pursue Jesus and sanctity. 

"... Dear young people, in these noble undertakings you are not alone. With you there are your families... "    

FOCUS called me higher, called me to live as the beloved, and I am forever grateful. Serving as a FOCUS missionary is fulfilling the deepest desires of my heart. I am thrilled to behold the wonder that God will continue to place in my own life and those of the students I am able to serve. It is only with Jesus and through him that I am able to do any of this, and I have nothing but thanksgiving for the glory of God.

"... there are so many of you who in the depths of your hearts never weary of loving Christ and believing in him. In the struggle against sin you are not alone: so many like you are struggling and through the Lord’s grace are winning!" 

Your Impact

When I answered the call to join FOCUS, I made the decision to rely on the spiritual and financial support of mission partners to help me through this mission. I've been blessed with the most amazing people who have journeyed with me as I serve on campus. If you are interested in partnering with me, please let me know of the best way to reach you and I will schedule an appointment. I'd be honored to share this mission with you.

Know, Love and Serve God

We encounter God in an intimate relationship through daily prayer, the sacraments and the Scriptures.

Build Virtuous Friendships

By building genuine friendships, we meet students on a deeper level.

Teach Others to Share Christ

We teach students how to share the gospel, who in turn teach other students how to pass it on …