David Bauer

Welcome, My name is David and I am a FOCUS missionary. 

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Where I serve

God has called me to Ball State in Muncie Indiana. Before receiving my assignment, I couldn’t even tell you where Muncie was on the map, now I can say there is no place where I would rather serve. I don’t say this because Muncie is the most exciting place to live, but because the people here are so great! Hoosiers (the people of Indiana) are the heart of the Midwest! They very hard working and so friendly to be around. Whether it’s joining a pickup basketball game at the rec center or inviting myself to eat lunch with a new table in the café, I find no troubling mingling with students on campus. This is a school where all missionaries should want to serve! 

This is the front lawn of our Newman Center at Ball State during one of our weekly Newman Nights early this fall!

My Story

In the spring of 2016, I graduated from the University of Mary with a degree in Accounting. Immediately following graduation, God blessed me with a great job working as an accountant for UnitedHealth Group. For the next three years I strived to be the best accountant I could be, while still growing in my faith and serving in my parish youth group as a young adult leader. After two years of being an accountant, I desired something more, but did not know what that was yet. It was then I committed to another year in my current role as I discerned what God was calling me into. It was 9 months later I received the call to be a FOCUS missionary which lead me Ball State! 

Now I am on campus seeking out relationships that will lead to Christ. I never would have thought a year ago that I would be leading a bible within a fraternity house or inviting students to join me on a mission trip to Peru, but here I am! God can dream much bigger than I can, and when He dreams, they become reality! 

The photo above shows my fraternity bible study (Sig Ep) celebrating the completion of our first study by going to a Pacers game together!

Your Impact

When I joined FOCUS, I knew this mission was too big for me do on my own. In fact, the longer I am on campus the more I realize I need to lean on God for all things. I cannot transform hearts, but God can. Just as a father asks his young child to help him with a chore, God calls me into this mission knowing He will do the heavy lifting. I need to rely on Him for all my support. God supports my mission through the financial and spiritual generosity of my mission partners. We know our God is never outdone in generosity, so when a mission partner contributes His mission, He multiplies their gift by blessing both their family and my mission. This is where the grace that transforms lives comes from. 

If you are interested in partnering with me, please reach out by either by email or phone. I would love to schedule an appointment with you to share all the ways God is already working and to invite you into this incredible mission!  

God Bless you! 

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 651-272-8090 

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