Haley York

My name is Haley York, I'm 22 years old and a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This is my 2nd year working with FOCUS and it has been such an incredible experience so far! I can't wait to share with you what Christ has done through it.

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Where I serve

This is my 2nd year serving at University of Wisconsin in Platteville! Below is a number of the women I have been working with for the past year.

My Story

I was in high school when I first realized Jesus desired a personal relationship with me. I was scared to change what I lived for, but I knew that realization meant that my life could never be the same. I started down the path of growth but it was entirely focused on me and not how I could positively impact others. Entering college I knew I had so many areas in which I needed to grow in virtue, prayer, and leadership. I first encountered FOCUS in a freshman women’s bible study and as I became more involved I was invited to be a student leader with the organization. Being a student leader meant that I needed to devote more time to my growing relationship with God and to begin to let down the walls of my own control so God could be in charge of my life. This has led me on mission trips to places I never dreamed I would go and to change my future plans in favor of being a missionary with FOCUS.

Since 2014, my sophomore year of college, I felt God might be calling me to work for FOCUS in the future; however, it was not until my senior year that I felt my call to be a missionary solidified.  I began to realize that I truly came alive in leading bible study and mentoring students in discipleship. Through prayer, God consistently confirmed that missionary life with FOCUS was the path He was calling me to. I hope to inspire students to develop their own relationship with God that will last a lifetime.

The Team

My team: Jaicee Heng, myself, David Jaramillo, and Alex Gill

Your Impact

Please join me in the pursuit of souls for Christ. My life was given purpose through my relationship with Jesus, and my time with FOCUS missionaries and fellow student leaders helped me grow in virtue and direction. Your prayers and support are invaluable in amplifying this mission to reach college students with the message of God’s love and to win them over as they search for truth in this critical time in their lives. Thank you so much in advance, and know that your support will make a difference.

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