Jesús Lopez

Hey! My name's Jesús, and I'm a FOCUS missionary!

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Where I serve

God bless you! I am so excited to share that I will be serving at the University of North Florida (Go Ospreys!) in Jacksonville, FL this year. I feel truly honored and blessed that ministering to college students is the way God has called me to build up His Kingdom, and I am excited to be working with the amazing team I'll have this year.

My Story

I grew up in the Catholic faith and had a strong relationship with God, but it wasn't until my senior year of college where I finally received the call to become a missionary. I was very hesitant about the prospects of being a missionary (fundraising my own support and going to an unknown place is quite daunting!), but I placed my trust in God and said yes to the offer, and He has been working powerfully in my life ever since. 

When I first started my college career at Florida Atlantic University, I had no idea what I wanted to do when I graduated. I did know, however, that I wanted to help people and impact lives in some way, and I started getting involved with different service groups on campus (and started my own Knights of Columbus group in the process!).

I had a deeper longing, however—a longing to fully become who God had created me to be. I wanted to constantly be seeking ways in which I could become a better person so that I would be able to share the joy and love God has for others without any reservations. The four most transformative years of a person's life are during their college career, and I wanted to find good soil to plant myself in so that I would be able to grow and bear much fruit.

My four years of FAU had glints of that vision, but I wasn't truly satisfied. After working with the FOCUS missionaries on campus throughout my college career and having gone through training this summer, I feel fully equipped to challenge men on campus to become who they were created to be. I am convicted, as FOCUS is convicted, of a quote from St. Catherine of Siena: "Be who you are meant to be, and you will set the world on fire."


FOCUS is a Catholic collegiate outreach whose mission is to share the hope and joy of the gospel with college and university students. Trained in Church teaching, prayer, sacred Scripture, evangelization and discipleship, FOCUS missionaries encounter students in friendship where they are, inviting them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and accompanying them as they pursue lives of virtue and excellence. Through Bible studies, outreach events, mission trips and one-on-one discipleship, missionaries inspire and build up students in the faith, sending them out to spread the good news and to live out the Great Commission: "Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations" (Mt. 28:19).  

Your Impact

When I answered the call to join FOCUS, I made the decision to rely on the spiritual and financial support of mission partners to help me through this mission. I would be absolutely honored if you could keep me, the missionaries, and the students on campus included in your prayers. If you are interested in joining my monthly support team, feel free to send me an email at [email protected], and I would love to set up an time to meet with you to share the mission of FOCUS further.

Know, Love and Serve God

We encounter God in an intimate relationship through daily prayer, the sacraments and the Scriptures.

Build Virtuous Friendships

By building genuine friendships, we meet students on a deeper level.

Teach Others to Share Christ

We teach students how to share the gospel, who in turn teach other students how to pass it on …