Kelsey Ludvik


Hey! I'm a FOCUS missionary working as the Sr. Communications Specialist for Alumni Engagement!

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Where I serve

This is my sixth year working with FOCUS. God asked me to take this time in my life to build up the women on the college campus to know Jesus and see the beauty of His Church, and now I get to do it for a broader audience along with those women I served in the past working now for our 24,000 student and staff alumni. I have had the opportunity to work for FOCUS at Missouri State University, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the University of Tennessee, and now I work at the FOCUS Headquarters in Denver. I get to work for the staff and students I worked with as well as the tens of thousands I didn't in my new role helping them to continue living a faithful life and participating in the New Evangelization post-college in their home, work, and parish. 

My Story

I grew up Catholic, but wasn't entirely sold out for the faith. I went to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where for the first time I was solely in charge of practicing my faith. I wasn't very good at it, but some amazing women happened to be in my sorority at the time and continued to reach out to me. In the end, though, it was my brother who was a FOCUS missionary at the time who told me to go to a FOCUS National Conference. I reluctantly attended, and ever since a night there in adoration I have felt God pulling at my heart to know and love Him. I wasn't perfect at it coming back, but I had a desire to grow. That's all He needed. I found how much joy I had bringing my friends to know Christ and His Church, and I didn't want that to end upon graduation. I took a chance and asked God to make it clear how I could serve Him, and every year He has told me I'm not done yet. It's truly wonderful where God takes you with one little yes.

Your Impact

I have worked with countless women to share Christ as well as working with women to help them reach others. I have seen the impact that has been made from my relationships based on the beautiful things that they come back to share with me about how they are reaching others. My yes allowed others to say yes at that time in their life and to not do it alone. As a missionary I fully fundraise my salary. That's right, no stipend or housing covered. it sounds daunting, but it is because this mission is not just to be kept to those who are FOCUS missionaries. We know that not everyone can go onto the college campus, but we want to give those who have a heart and a desire to be part of it to join us. I want you to be a part of this mission to bring souls back to Christ and to know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made in a world that tells them they aren't worth much. Join this mission by allowing me to work for our alumni in your name. You can make a difference in this world, and maybe God is asking you to give that little yes to a monthly donation so that lives may be transformed. Ask God how He is asking you to say yes.

Know, Love and Serve God

We encounter God in an intimate relationship through daily prayer, the sacraments and the Scriptures.

Build Virtuous Friendships

By building genuine friendships, we meet students on a deeper level.

Teach Others to Share Christ

We teach students how to share the gospel, who in turn teach other students how to pass it on …