Libby Jachimiec

Hi! My name's Libby, and I'm a FOCUS missionary.

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Where I serve

What a blessing it has been to serve with FOCUS for the last two years. I'm excited to be returning to staff for a third year, and spending my third year at Eastern Michigan University as Team Director! 

My Story

I started college as a pre-med student with a love for children and dreams of being a pediatrician. I had a plan for my life: four years of school at UW-La Crosse, then off to medical school. I never dreamed I’d encounter Christ as powerfully as I did, or that it would change absolutely everything. I started attending a FOCUS Bible study my freshman year of college and became fast friends with the women I met there; they became my confidants, my support, and my sisters (and even some of them, my roommates!). I know God used this community of students committed to a growing relationship with God to build me up and support me, and it has been one of the greatest joys of my life to share in this journey with them.

Throughout those four years, growing my relationship with God, and some significant events in my personal life, I realized my calling wasn’t to medicine at all, and ultimately dropped the “pre-med” while praying for guidance for what would come next. Once I let go of my plan for my life, I was finally truly open to allowing God to decide my future. Suddenly FOCUS was a possibility, and with the encouragement of our campus missionaries, I applied for staff fall of my senior year. It’s been a crazy time so far, but I am so excited to be a part of this journey serving with FOCUS.

Your Impact

In the words of St. Therese, “some give to the mission by going, and others go to the mission by giving.” In saying “yes” to FOCUS, I also agreed to depending entirely upon the financial support of mission partners in order to be able to serve on the college campus. This relationship allows those mission partners to be present with me on the college campus, positively impacting the lives of these students and encouraging them in their personal faith journey. If you are interested in partnering with me in this mission, please let me know the best way to reach you; I’d love to tell you all about it! It would be an incredible honor to share this mission with you.

Know, Love and Serve God

We encounter God in an intimate relationship through daily prayer, the sacraments and the Scriptures.

Build Virtuous Friendships

By building genuine friendships, we meet students on a deeper level.

Teach Others to Share Christ

We teach students how to share the gospel, who in turn teach other students how to pass it on …