Nick Chapman

  An engineering job can wait. Saving souls on campus can't.  

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Where I serve

I'm at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. This is the first year for FOCUS at WCU, so get ready! They've got a newly renovated chapel pictured below and a thriving Newman center. I'm really excited to see what we can do together.

My Story

Although I still attended Mass every Sunday, by my sophomore year of college at UConn, I had started to drift away. I kept myself busy with lots of clubs and faith was getting less and less of my attention. Things that I cringed at coming into college began to appear normal. 

Fortunately, I encountered a FOCUS missionary on an alternate spring break trip my sophomore year. Through FOCUS and UConn's Catholic Center, I got to know people who seemed truly happy to be alive and fun to be around. I'm thankful I encountered these people who were enthusiastic about their faith when I did. As I grew in my faith, I was able to shed some bad habits, worry less about school while doing just as well, and make friends who pushed me to keep improving myself. I started to pray and attend Mass every day, and soon I was leading my own Bible study.

Come graduation, I had a lot of options. I declined a lucrative engineering job to become a FOCUS missionary, but if I can help one person in the same manner that I was helped, it's more than worth it.  

Your Impact

I need help. I can't do this alone. You can help me through prayer and donation:

Please pray for me. There's a lot of opportunity for good to be done through me as I take this unusual path. Pray for my increased trust in God's plans for me and and the joy that comes from following them.

Prayers alone won't power the washing machine or take students out to meals. I don't want to be smelly or hungry- please consider donating!  My entire livelihood and mission budget comes from donations.

Through your generous donation, YOU are going on mission with me at West Chester University. We're a team: with your support and prayers and my gift of time and talent, together we're going to form Catholics who can re-energize the Church. 

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