Sophie Ouellette

Hi! My name's Sophie and I'm a FOCUS missionary! :)

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Where I serve

I've been SO blessed to be able to serve college students at Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey, for the past two years, and I am excited to be returning for a third year! You can probably find me at the Newman Center, getting coffee at Au Bon Pain on campus, eating ice cream or petting a dog. I have a pretty cool story about how Jesus has changed my life. I'd love to share it with you. I'd love to hear your story, too. :)

My Story

Throughout my life, no matter what decisions I have made in the past, God has never given up on me. Even in the midst of the party culture, even under the pressures of engineering classes, even in the grip of a bad relationship, God kept gently tugging at my heart all through my time in college. He was calling me out of a life of "okay" and "good enough" and "just surviving" to a life packed with meaning, real love, peace, and JOY! He placed wonderful people in my life to walk with me in friendship, to model a life of faith, and challenge me to go deeper. It took me a while to turn to Jesus and embrace the freedom that He was offering me, but I slowly said "yes" to little things until I was able by the grace of God to give a big "YES" to become a FOCUS missionary!  I've learned that to live fully alive comes from living life with Jesus Christ, for as St. Pope John Paul II said, "Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure!" It sure has been an adventure so far! As a missionary, my greatest desire is to lead all students to a relationship with Christ. My life has been transformed by the love of Jesus and I want nothing more than to bring this love to others and introduce them to the life-changing message of the Gospel. I want everyone to know that God has never given up on you either. He wants you to live fully alive and to know His love for you! :) In His ministry on earth, Jesus humbled Himself to meet us on our level, taking on our humanity, and spent most of His time investing deeply in a few. I've been constantly amazed by the different souls I've encountered on campus.  It has been an absolute honor to be able to meet college students where they are at and to be someone that can walk with them on their own faith journey just as people walked with me! 

Your Impact

When I answered the call to join FOCUS, I made the decision to rely on the spiritual and financial support of mission partners to help me through this mission. I've been blessed with the most amazing people who have journeyed with me as I serve on campus. If you are interested in partnering with me, please let me know of the best way to reach you and I will schedule an appointment. I'd be honored to share this mission with you.

Know, Love and Serve God

We encounter God in an intimate relationship through daily prayer, the sacraments and the Scriptures.

Build Virtuous Friendships

By building genuine friendships, we meet students on a deeper level.

Teach Others to Share Christ

We teach students how to share the gospel, who in turn teach other students how to pass it on …