Lifelong Mission

Connected. Inspired. Equipped.

The FOCUS mission only begins on campus. Beyond college, these men and women step out into every level of society, equipped to lead others to become missionary disciples in their families, parishes, workplaces and communities.


Through our alumni, FOCUS’ impact in the New Evangelization lasts far beyond graduation.  As they enter the world, they are inspired and equipped to lead others to Christ in their friendships, families, workplaces and parishes. Since FOCUS’ beginnings, more than 20,000 alumni have been launched into the world as missionary disciples, ready to evangelize no matter where the Lord calls them.

The alumni website enables our alumni to connect with each other, search for job opportunities, begin mentorship relationships, find resources for living lifelong mission, form shared interest groups — and so much more!  

FOCUS benefactors are invited to participate in the lives of our alumni by offering to mentor them in a variety of ways, from sharing advice online to offering job-shadowing and internships.

  • Volunteer as a mentor.
  • Help alumni transform the culture through the workforce.


The renewal of parish life is paramount in the New Evangelization. FOCUS alumni who head into churches across the U.S. are highly invested in the community and ministries of their parish, drawing fellow parishioners into a life of missionary discipleship.

FOCUS has also partnered with the Amazing Parish, a conference designed for pastors and their staff to learn new strategies of evangelization and discipleship to bring back to their home parishes.

Check out our Lifelong Mission Toolkit to help you start evangelizing at your parish.

What is Amazing Parish?


By investing in students’ spiritual formation and personal development, FOCUS has seen many young people commit to healthy, holy marriages and to religious vocations. More than 500 alumni have made decisions to pursue vocations as priests, deacons, brothers and sisters since FOCUS’ inception.

Love Life

Love Life is an initiative of FOCUS that exists to support students and missionaries through their journey to live the gospel of life on college campuses. Our approach is simple: We strive to love and care for every human person in their entirety, teaching them what it means to live life abundantly (John 10:10). Our mission is to guide our students and staff to a deeper understanding of the pro-life worldview through quality resources and personal collaboration.

We desire to set hearts ablaze with a deep love for the dignity of every person they encounter — including themselves. We simply want people to love life. Every life. Every day. Seeing life through this lens will not only encourage people to love one another, but will also help them to embrace every moment of every day.

To start your journey in living out the gospel of life, check out our Love Life resources.