Parish Outreach

Parish Outreach takes FOCUS’ model of spiritual multiplication from the campus to the parish. Experienced campus missionaries transition to the parish mission field and offer their evangelization skills and training to teach parishioners how to pray, evangelize and make disciples of others.

America’s 17,000 Catholic parishes have a critically important role to play in the New Evangelization. Parishes are the arms of the Church where people are loved and cared for, where the lost are found and where people can encounter Christ in prayer and in the sacraments. But they are in need of renewal. 

How do FOCUS' parish missionaries evangelize and make disciples?

Parish missionaries adapt the FOCUS model of relational evangelization — Win, Build and Send — for a parish context. They begin by growing in friendship with parishioners, fallen-away Catholics and the unchurched. 

As these relationships grow, the missionaries are able to challenge others in their faith and eventually train them to evangelize others. By doing so, they create a vibrant culture of evangelization within each parish, which leads to reaching the lost, parishioners deepening their faith and raising up leaders in the Church.

What is the desired impact?

Parish Outreach has the capacity to enhance people’s everyday quality of life — and their eternal destinies! Parishes impacted by initiative will help lay men and women, God’s primary instruments of evangelization, transform the world in these ways: 

  • Promoting and strengthening Christian marriages
  • Raising families with gospel values
  • Being a good neighbor and treating others with respect and kindness
  • Seeing themselves as evangelists and procuring training to become more effective
  • Bringing Christian values and virtues into the marketplace
  • Treating co-workers, customers and competitors with respect and fairness, demonstrating economic initiative and practicing justice
  • Bringing integrity and excellence to public service and community responsibilities
  • Seeking the common good, respecting life and promoting human dignity
  • Providing leadership in unions, community groups, professional associations and political organizations at a time of rising cynicism and indifference

List derived from “Communities of Salt and Light: Reflections on the Social Mission of the Parish” (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops).

Where are FOCUS' parish missionaries currently?

These are our current locations:

  • Our Catholic Family of Parishes (Crofton, Nebraska)
  • Christ the King Catholic Church (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
  • Church of the Magdalen (Wichita, Kansas)
  • Esto Vir (Green Bay, Wisconsin)
  • Immaculate Conception (Dardenne Prairie, Missouri)
  • Mary, Seat of Wisdom (Park Ridge, Illinois)
  • Our Lady of the Valley (Windsor, Colorado)
  • St. Agnes Roman Catholic Church (Sellersville, Pennsylvania)
  • St. James Parish (Arlington Heights, Illinois)
  • St. John the Baptist (Beloit, Kansas)
  • St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church (Jackson, Michigan)
  • St. Raymond (Menlo Park, California)
  • The Diocese of Spokane, Washington
  • The Archdiocese of Denver, Colorado
  • St. Louis Roman Catholic Church (Alexandria, Virginia)

Bold indicates a new location beginning fall of 2022.

How do I get FOCUS parish missionaries in my parish?

If you are interested in more information or in bringing parish missionaries to your parish, please email [email protected] or call 303-962-5750.