Montse Alvarado

VP & Executive Director, Becket Fund

Montserrat Alvarado was born in Mexico City, Mexico and great up in Miami, Fl. She has worked at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty since 2009 and currently serves as its VP & Executive Director. With a background in public policy and campaigns, Montse is part of the powerhouse team that has secured religious liberty victories at the Supreme Court against the contraceptive mandate, protecting the rights of churches to choose their leaders, and the free speech of crisis pregnancy centers and campus groups. She was recently profiled by the Wall Street Journal's Weekend Edition with the following introduction: "a defender of all religion, on the front lines of America‚Äôs culture wars."

Montse serves on the board of the Patients Rights Action Fund-- the leading advocate against the legalization of assisted suicide, and served on the Montgomery County Commission for Women in Maryland. She is a lay consultant to the USCCB's Religious Liberty Committee and although not attorney, she "plays one on TV" advocating for Becket clients on major television and radio networks. She has a B.A. from Florida International University and a Master's from George Washington University.