Revolutionizing Greek Culture for Christ

FOCUS Greek is an intentional outreach within FOCUS to fraternity and sorority students in Greek systems. Because of their roles as leaders, Greek students have a unique influence and ability to help others on the journey to Christ — both on campus and out in the world following graduation.

FOCUS Greek missionaries are on just over half of our FOCUS campuses. Our staff have a passion to reach out to Greek students — many of our missionaries were Greeks themselves. They are returning to campus to help change the Greek culture, challenging these student leaders to turn away from some of the darker influences on campus to answer a higher calling.

When FOCUS stepped foot onto the University of Missouri’s campus two years ago, a missionary deeply invested in a junior fraternity member named Christian, who in turn lit a fire in his fraternity brothers and fellow Mizzou students. Because of their courage and love for the Lord, their campus now has more than 100 Greeks participating in a Bible study, and 11 of those students are leading their own Bible studies!

These transformations are happening every day as students come to know Jesus Christ and share His light with others. They are changing the lives of fraternity and sorority members nationwide, now and for eternity.