Revolutionizing Greek Culture for Christ

FOCUS Greek is an intentional outreach within FOCUS to fraternity and sorority students in Greek systems. Because of their roles as leaders, Greek students have a unique influence and ability to help others on the journey to Christ — both on campus and out in the world following graduation.

FOCUS Greek missionaries are on just over half of our FOCUS campuses. Our staff have a passion to reach out to Greek students — many of our missionaries were Greeks themselves. They are returning to campus to help change the Greek culture, challenging these student leaders to turn away from some of the darker influences on campus to answer a higher calling.

FOCUS missionary Hannah Dragonas, who graduated from the University of Vermont in 2017, was involved in the Tri Delta sorority throughout her undergraduate career. As a student, she participated in both a FOCUS Greek Bible study and discipleship. It was through FOCUS Greek that Dragonas realized being a faithful Catholic and an active member of Tri Delta was possible. 

“I absolutely loved being in a sorority, but after I converted to Catholicism as a sophomore, I always thought that I had to choose between being Catholic or being a sorority woman,” said Dragonas. “FOCUS Greek showed me that, when I allowed my faith and Greek life to work together, it unlocked a whole new sorority experience.” 

Today, Dragonas translates her experience in Greek life as a student to her service as a FOCUS Greek missionary and team director at the University of Maryland. “On campus, I see again and again how students realize that our lives aren’t meant to be separated,” she said. “When they can live the Gospel within their chapters, not only does it allow their friendships to become deep and Christ-centered, but it also gives eternal meaning to the work they do as sorority women. Suddenly, they aren’t bogged down by philanthropy events and date parties, but they are presented with opportunities to share the Gospel and be a light in the darkness.”