FOCUS Conferences

Lives changed for eternity.

Since FOCUS’ inception, our national conferences and events have given students from all over the country — and all over the world — the chance to come together by the thousands to learn about the Catholic faith, to experience genuine fellowship and to unite as members of the Body of Christ. Joined by chaplains and religious, Catholic speakers, inspiring artists and benefactors, these students become a visible, living witness to the Catholic faith for the next generation in whatever city they gather. When students experience the love of Christ through a FOCUS conference, their minds are opened, their hearts are lifted — and their lives are forever changed.


“What do you seek?” (John 1:38)

SEEK is an invitation to college students everywhere to explore life’s bigger questions: who we are, where we’re going and what we seek along the journey. As FOCUS’ national conference, SEEK encourages all students to come explore what they truly seek: to learn about the faith, to share in friendship, to be encouraged in their unique vocation — and to experience the love, hope and very real presence of Jesus Christ through His Church.

SEEK gathers thousands of college students together from all across the country for a time of prayer, fellowship, engaging talks, inspiring entertainment — and, most importantly, a chance to encounter Christ in a life-changing way.


The good news of Jesus Christ isn’t simply a message to receive. It’s a truth to be loved, lived and shared.

Our Leadership Summit (SLS) is designed to train leaders in discipleship, prayer and small-group facilitation. SLS is an event where leaders not only learn the essentials of evangelization, but they also put it into practice by teaching their peers the essentials as they go. In this way, SLS gives attendees the training and resources to become disciple-makers — and through it, they receive the confidence and valuable life skills to become the leaders their world, desperately needs.