Stephen Hill

"Our hearts were made for You, O Lord, and they are restless until they rest in you" - St. Augustine

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Where I serve

I am a first-year FOCUS missionary; serving at Harvard University, in Cambridge, MA. 

My Story

I grew up in a medium-sized Catholic family, and in my earlier years, I never desired nor saw the need to pursue a relationship with Christ. Immediately upon entering college, I pursued the "college dream" by living the party lifestyle; and in doing so I abandoned the Church. The longer and deeper I invested myself into this sinful life, the more I desired happiness, true friends, and love; which I was not finding in the way I was living. One day, after hitting an absolute low, I entered the university chapel and encounter a FOCUS missionary, from which I developed my first real friend in college. Through this friendship, I quickly saw that the life I was living was not one that brought fulfillment, but was rather filled with things purely of the flesh, nothing deep and meaningful. As I continued to meet more people from the Catholic group and on campus I realized that I needed to change my way of life. I was then asked into discipleship and called to drop my sinful habits in place for Christ.  In this journey, I learned how to pray and I subsequently developed a relationship with Our Lord. As time progressed, I eventually dropped partying all together, grew closer to Him, and found real joy for the first time in my adult life. Eventually, I discerned to enter the seminary, following the 2017-18 academic year and stayed in the seminary for two years. If I had never met the FOCUS missionaries on campus, several years ago, I would have likely never had come back to the Church and would have been another fallen away Catholic, another soul consumed by the temporary pleasure of the world and not seeking anything truly meaningful.

Your Impact

Upon leaving the seminary, I still yearn to serve Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in a radical way. I know that the impact of FOCUS in my life has been beyond amazing, and so I want to return the favor and do the same for others. We are in a battle for souls, too many Catholic and non-Catholics have never had the chance to be introduced to Christ. When I joined FOCUS I willingly took up the responsibility to rely entirely on the generous spiritual and financial support of others, I am kindly asking that you consider joining me on this journey, this fight for souls. If you have any interest in knowing about the mission or would like to join in support please contact me. I would love to reach out to set up a meeting to tell you more about the mission which God has commissioned us all to take part in. 

Reach out any time!

[email protected]

Cell: (304) 376-6601

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